A year of missed opportunities

What plans did you have for this year? Ag and me had quite a few and as we approach the end of this year, the number of plans that we took to fruition can be counted on one hand.

Apart from wishing for a better 2021, all I want at this point is a more predictable year. I always thought of life as an uncertain thing, but it was never to the extent 2020 has been. I have never ever felt as powerless as I have this year.

This inability to make a plan, or execute on a plan, made it difficult to even dream this year. What are dreams, but things you want to see and feel?

Sometimes I feel that I should have just ignored all the danger and pushed through towards goals, but I also know that we did the right thing. Yes, staying locked in for nearly the whole year was the right bet.

I genuinely feel that a year lost is better than losing life or suffering from side effects for the rest of my life. Still there is no shaking off this feeling of loss. A loss of time and what could have been.

The only option now is work harder next year to dream more, make more plans, work on them and leave no room for regrets.

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