Dear 2020

The new year party we did not attend in the last day of 2019

I wanted to write about how much I hate you for trampling on my plans without any mercy. To be honest though, you have been a blessing in disguise for me. I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t want this, but I’m better because of you. So dear 2020, thank you.


Time waits for none, but I rarely appreciated the time that I had. However, this year was different as I had time aplenty. All that time I would otherwise spend in cab and tuning out the noise of traffic, all the time that’s spent on weekends looking for a good weekend fix of entertainment. It was all mine.

I watched so many glorious sunsets, spent more time with Ag, pondered how best we should use the time we have, reminisced, thought a lot about all the things that matter in my life and learned a lot in the process.


The singing, tweeting, chirping, cawing and even an occasional hoot. That’s all we could hear in the morning when the lockdown was imposed. They say silence is deafening, but in reality it was a breath of freshness. I now know what sounds we drown out every day and I hope there is a day when I can hear the nature loud and ourselves a little less; without a pandemic or a tragedy raining down on humanity.


For the first time in my life, I have improved myself without me planning for it in advance. I can now cook for myself, though Ag says only half of the things are any good. My relationship is stronger that ever. I have done more Salesforce certifications this year than last two combined. On the professional front, I got to try some job profiles that I have always avoided. I have also done more sales pitches this year than ever in my life and even helped close a key deal in BFSI space. Learnt a lot about leadership from someone and even more about it in his absence. Overall I felt like this year was a win on personal development front.


This is something I have always taken for granted or paid attention to occasionally. It was a combination of the pandemic, a lot of news of untimely deaths linked to heart failure and a lot of push from Ag that made me rethink how I manage my health.

I have been slightly overweight for a long time now, except for may be a brief stretch when I used to cycle regularly. At the peak of the lockdown I weighed 75kg while my ideal weight should have been in the 63-67kg range. We did a low-carb diet from Food Darzee along with regular exercise and morning walk. Later on we continued the diet on our own and I’m now my weight in the ideal range. The plan is to continue with it for as long as we can. (Of course with a lot of push from Ag, else I’ll OD on sugar).

Good bye 2020, please ask 2021 to be kind.

PS: I started blogging in Dec 2007; hardly blogged for several of the months in between. It’s a weird feeling to look back at all the things I wrote back then. What old posts of yours amuses you now?

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