Hello 2021

Please be kind and don’t kick us the in the family jewels like 2020 did. If you agree to play nice, there are some good things I want to do as well. I wouldn’t call them resolutions, but they are more of habits and thoughts I’m working on building up over time. So let’s call it a Standard Operation Procedure for 2021?

  1. Continue journaling. I started last year with a physical journal and over time shifted back to doing it on this blog. I just need to continue this.
  2. Continue to stay fit. It took a lot of work to regain an ounce of fitness and with each passing year the effort required to restore good health will be higher. No slipping this time.
  3. More approaches for existing life plans. While the goals I have are good, relying on only the current thought process is a bit dangerous. I should think of alternatives way to continue towards my life plans.
  4. It’s easy to gain some respect with the knowledge gained over a period of time. I need to now learn to gain it with my actions and words as well. I don’t know if I do it already, but this could do with more work.
  5. Be more social. I’m an indoor being and talking generally exhausts me. This again could do with some work. I don’t want to be an extrovert, no way, but improving socialising skills could be a good thing.
  6. On the professional front, I plan to continue on my certification journey. If not for anyone else, but for me.
  7. Travel more with Ag. We missed out on a lot during 2020 and now there is a lot to make up for.
  8. Get vaccinated ASAP.
  9. Need to figure out how I can make life simpler and easier for parents as they grow older.
  10. Off late I’m talking more than I’m listening and this is a habit I need to fix before it becomes the end of me.

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