crop unrecognizable woman writing goals for upcoming year in notepad

A forgetable year in most regards, but 2021 had a few highs. I wanted to think through how the year fared against the goals I had set at the beginning.

Continue journaling

I did not do a great job on this front. I’m still blogging here, but it’s not often as I would have liked.

Continue to stay fit

Ouch this one hurts. I brought my weight down to 62 from 74 and ended the year at 69. Kilograms I mean 🙂

Overall a mixed bag, but I know what I can achieve at least. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle continues to be a challenge since ice cream is my favourite food item.

More approaches for existing life plans

While this was a great goal to set, the practicality of the world around limited the scope of achieving this.

Gain respect with actions

No opportunity came up for this organically and no effort was made on this either due to the world being what it is.

Be more social

A mixed bag again. While I’m talking to more people that I used to in 2020, there is a lot of work that still needs to be done.

Continue on my certification journey

Made good progress on this front and the plan is to continue the momentum on to 2022.

Travel more with Ag

Travelled to five states, experienced snow for the first time and met a lot of family and friends. On this front I was able to live up to my word; despite the world being what it is.

Get vaccinated ASAP

Done! Booster dose when?

Figure out how I can make life simpler for parents

I didn’t have to do anything for this. They have downscaled and shifted to an apartment that is easier to maintain. It also helps that it is in a location that has increased their social circle.

Listen more

I think I’ve failed on this goal. Much work to be done.

Overall I feel there is a lot of work to be done even now and I will be carrying over a lot of these goals to 2022 as well.

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