True grit

What a match it has been! I’m rarely happy about test matches that end in a draw, but this one is something worth appreciating.

Even the best of teams struggle chasing in the last innings. This Indian team is capable of doing it, but with a 400+ target and a side that is weakened with injuries, everything was stacked against them.

Last night I went to bed with little hope and had taken it for granted that the team would crumble against the Aussie attack. However I woke up to a counter-attacking masterpiece from Pant, who continues to defy expectations and match trend. He’s the successor to Sehwag India has been looking for!

After this dismissal followed by Pujara’s, things were looking grim again and this happend.

Vihari and Ashwin were not the duo I had in mind for this rescue op that India needed, but they were here today and did an great job of it. I have no idea where Vihari found all that grit from. To face so many deliveries with an injured leg and just stay put. Wow! Ashwin has always been a decent batsman, but what he today was truly exceptional. He was reading the ball and playing with so much confidence. What a joy it was to watch this epic blockathon.

With series staying levelled Brisbane test is going to be spicy. I wonder who is left in this Indian team that has been plagued by so many injuries! The fact that even a depleted side can hold fort so well makes me really proud of this side.

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