Going Wireless

The phone hunt finally ended when I purchased a OnePlus 8T. Does it tick all boxes? No. Neither did any of the other phones in the truest sense. So I decided to suck it up and get whatever felt like the best bet.

Phone arrived and it is great. I’m pretty happy with the purchase, though I really miss the wide-angle front facing camera from Zenfone 6.

Now for the first time in my life I have a phone that does not have 3.5mm jack. This is one shift I have been avoiding since forever, but now I had to get a pair of bluetooth earphones as the default option. If I’m going to go that route I thought I should dial it up to 11 and go with the most obnoxious trend; fully wireless, falling-man-hanging-off-a-ledge design made popular by Apple.

To make things more complicated, my ears are weird. They look alright, but no earphones would stay put except for the in-ear ones with the right ear tips.

So from all the options that Headphone Zone offered, I opted for Jays f-Five true Wireless. First of all it fit my budget, also it looked okay compared to almost everything else in the range. I didn’t care too much water proofing since I do not intend to wear it while working out or in rain.

I haven’t used it enough (merely minutes till now) to talk about battery life or its sound quality. For the little while I tried it on, the earphones felt good. Bluetooth range is good, call quality was fine, mic was alright and then there were the gestures. There are many tap based gestures that is supported by the device and any time I would touch my ear to adjust the fit it would trigger some action. Hopefully I should be able to get a hang of it soon.

I’m not too happy with the fit of the earphones though. I’ve tried all the ear tips that came with it and none of them were perfect. So I’ll see for one more day before I decide what I need to do about that.

So here’s to hoping that this step doesn’t suck as much as I feared it would.

PS: Now that I’ve started using it, may be HeadphoneZone can stop retargeting me across the web. As of now my insta feed is littered with headphone ads.

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