Travelling back

After being locked down for almost the entire year we travelled at the end of 2020 and have been out of Mumbai since then.

We are planning to travel back over the weekend so we decided to get a covid test here in Gujarat itself. It was either than or get tested after landing in Mumbai airport. The latter sounded as appealing as getting covid itself due to the inevitable crowd that we’ll have to deal with.

I was a little nervous before the test because I had read enough about false positives and other issues. We called the test centre in advance and they sent us a form which we had to fill in and submit at the centre along with a copies of Aadhaar “card” and flight tickets.

So yesterday we reached the centre at 9am just as it opened and thankfully there was no one else. The test itself took only a few minutes, but I did not realise how far into the nose they go to get a sample! I could feel the irritation at the back of my nasal passage till about noon and by then it was alright and no worse than an injection.

We received the results via Whatsapp by night and it was negative as expected. Yay! On a related note, I wonder if Whatsapp will continue to be the default mode of messaging communication for businesses and if yes for how long.

This trip is going to our first flight since March last year. Wow! I still can’t believe that we spent so many months cooped up. More on the non-adventure trip after we land.

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