Back in Mumbai

Last two months were truly great. Enjoyed some peace and quiet, spent some time with near and dear, made the most of the physical space that is non-existent in Mumbai, and now we are back.

Home had a layer of dust that we managed to clean up in a couple of hours. Yay us! Fan had conked-off strangely and we got that fixed as well the same day. The house felt like our home again within a day. That felt good.

After the travel we were feeling confident enough to step out and meet people. So met a friend after 10 months and actually went to a restaurant as well. We followed basic precautions with social distancing and masks and oh my god, what a relief it was.

The world is not normal yet; far from it, but these bursts of social activity is such a relief in these times. I don’t intend to go out often, but I know that is an option and that helps keep us sane.

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