The dream team we always wanted

It’s been couple of days since the match, series was won, India proved yet again that Australian team is made of mortals and can be defeated. I have a lot of thoughts, but I have read a dozen articles and opinion pieces on this event and I feel they have captured the emotions better than I could have. Here are a few:

  1. Let’s talk about the debutants, for they are the real stars of this series. We seldom expect someone new to rise up to the occasion the way they did. Now it’s time for us to raise our expectations. Also, take a moment to appreciate the depth of our cricketing system.
  2. It’s not enough to defeat a good opposition to earn respect. You have to defeat them in their own territory, at their strongest fort, against their best line up. Damn! We did exactly that.
  3. Taking the battle head on with the bat is the base expectation we have from batsmen. Pujara had a different approach that put the team’s goals over his own personal safety. What a freakish talent and mind he has!
  4. Can’t thank this team enough for everything they went though this tour and everything they gave us. Greg Baum of Sydney Morning Herald sums it up the best.
  5. It’s easy to appreciate a win, but you need to truly appreciate test cricket to understand the importance of this win. Vivek Kaul does a brilliant job of explaining what it takes. By the way why do economic commentators write so well?

Then there was the insider video from Ashwin himself. Watch it with subtitles on.

With this series win, I can’t wait for the finale of the World Test Championship. Ind vs Aus at Lords would be spicy, but I have a feeling it might be us vs New Zealand or England.

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