Dear Nvidia, WTF?

The headline is the tl;dr you were looking for. Read through for the context.

My dear friends at Nvidia, I’m writing this to let you know that I’m tired for waiting for you. I went through an upgrade cycle in July and waited till October to get your 30 series card, but it was never in stock. I want a 3070 FE to be more specific.

We are in the next cycle around the sun now and I still do not have a graphic card. This gaming PC that I upgraded for my entertainment in the lockdown sits here gathering dust offering not even an inclination of entertainment. Seriously Nvidia WTF?

We have a vaccine now, WFH might go bye bye, spare time will be reduced to weekends soon, I still do not have a graphic card and I only have you to blame.

How is it that the card is available with scalpers in other countries while folks in India still do not? Though the country has a massive population, the demand for this card is not as big as it is any other market. So surely a good bulk shipment should be able to put this graphic draught to an end right? You already know how many people want the card thanks to the repeated attempts made by folks to order the card from RP Tech. Why aren’t you doing it then?

You continue to organise and engage at root levels here (which is great!) but continue to ignore the actual sales you’re getting. So what is the point of the engagement anyway? Is it just PR?

Also what is with all your partners selling cards at nearly 1.5x+ rate? Why do you not set rate agreements? Why do MRPs resemble bitcoin pricing lacking any reasoning?

I hope you figure it out, I really hope you do soon.

– A disappointed gamer.

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