So what have I been up to?

February was a quiet month, or at least I kept it so. I haven’t dealt with Kerala heat for extended periods of time for more than one and a half decade, so the last month was a bit of a struggle. It exhausts me like nothing else and as a result I did very little productively as well.

Did a bit of local sight-seeing around Kappad beach, met a cousin and that was that for us. The other big highlight was that I finally got hold of an Nvidia 3070 after all the rant earlier. I haven’t tried it out as yet though since my PC is back in Mumbai.

On the work front, it’s been a bit tiring, with small bursts of excitement. The certification drive is getting pounded into sand due to delays in getting the voucher. Hopefully, things start moving forward soon.

Coming month looks a bit more promising on the plans front. So that’s great. Don’t want to write about it and jinx it up; so will post more when we do more 🙂

The other highlight is the vaccine drive as I manage to get slots for my parents and they will get their jabs in a couple of days. Not sure which vaccine though, and that sucks. However, it is better than not getting any at this stage. At this rate I feel that our turn to get vaccinated would come up in a couple more months. I’m expecting a mad rush that would put tatkal booking to shame, but so be it. I’m ready 😀

On the entertainment side of things, I’ve been running light and no show, movie or book has really got my fancy. I don’t think I’m in a mood to get lost in fantasy either.

Overall it was a very different February from last year. I hope March is very very different and in a positive way. We need tons of positive change to flush out the inertia of 2020.

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