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The Nvidia 3070 has been finally installed in my PC and I can finally game in 4k HDR. At a good frame rate. With very little compromise. Worst case scenario I drop it to 1440p. I’m so happy 🙂

Some things don’t change though. The first game I launched after setting up the card was Cities Skylines that is not significantly improved with the upgrade. Then I played Forza Horizon which was an amazing experience with the new card.

My controllers have all gone wonky during the time away though. Two controllers have buttons that do not work anymore as their batteries leaked. Another one just doesn’t work, not sure what happened there. I hope this is the last tech item that fails around me for a while.

While PC gaming was a great feeling, the actual relief is being back home. In our own space. With our own things. Our own rules. Our routine. You get the drift.

It doesn’t matter how much I grow up, there is very little to control I have at my parent’s place. I have felt this for a while and I no longer even push for it. So I can only call it an overwhelming sense of relief to be back home.

The only places we have travelled to is to to our parents’ and not a single holiday. Not a proper one at least. So we are thinking of something. Really need that break and that should be interesting. More on that later.

Salesforce certification voucher still stays out of hand. What do I need to do? If it takes any more time, I might just pay for it out of my pocket and be done with it.

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