Bombay Begums

I can’t sit and binge through shows any more as I mostly fall asleep after two hours or so. Since I’m attention handicapped we have been working through this show slowly since the weekend and just finished it last night. The short version is that I really liked it.

It takes on issues such as patriarchy and sexism with a very compelling story set in a corporate environment; a topic that Madhur Bhandarkar failed to do in his 2006 movie. Alankrita Shrivastava does a great job again, though I enjoyed Made in Heaven a bit more.

My only issue was that everything felt like it was about sex. May be it is required to make the points the show tried to make. I don’t know, I make for a terrible critic.

On the acting front everyone did a great job with Amruta Subhash being my favourite. Pooja Bhatt too was great too and I thought she was very original in the way she portrayed her role.

They have left enough open points at the end for a sequel, but I feel some shows are best left with such an ending. However knowing the world we live in, an established show will get a sequel.

I don’t think there is much I can talk about the show without spilling any spoilers, so all I can ask you to do is go watch it.

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