Graphic reality

I’ve been struggling with my PC for a while and I wrote about it a bit already. The challenge now is to get the right graphic card at the right price. The nvidia 30 series cards look great, except they are never in stock and are ridiculously overpriced when available.

AMD is yet to release their cards and they have not even detailed out the full specs of this card. This means my PC is sitting there next to my new shiny 4k TV gathering dust (jk… I dust it once a week) because the AMD 3600 CPU I have cannot output video without a card. Ugh!

I don’t mind the wait to be honest. What I mind is the uncertainty around the pricing and what I will eventually be able to get. Whatever I buy finally should be able to match if not exceed the performance of nvidia 2800; how else will I be able to enjoy gaming on a 4K TV?

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