More travel

It’s been a year since I met my parents due to the lockdown situation, so we are planning to travel to Kerala this coming week. While I’m excited about this, the rising Covid-19 number in the state gives me pause.

Even then I cannot help myself, but travel. Mentally I have reached a point where every passing day in lockdown feels like an exercise in self-hate. While I truly understand the need for it and benefit of doing it I feel like it needs to be done slightly differently.

We will still quarantine once there and also plan to get ourselves tested; probably another RT-PCR. The state also has a mandatory registration process for all travellers, but I’m not sure how it helps. I think the process is for post-fact tracking and isolation in case of another outbreak. I will follow the steps anyway. The Maharashtra approach of RT-PCR on landing at the airport is a better approach IMO, and I wonder why Kerala is not implementing it. At least an anti-gen test?

More on this after the travel.

Meanwhile I have put my certification learning on hold. Learning takes a lot of energy and focus for me; may be I’ll get back to it once in Kerala.

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