Parent’s home

My parents still stay in the same house I grew up in and after school I have never stayed here extensively for more than seven days at a time. Since I’m always here I never really tried to grasp the dynamics of the house or try to figure out what I need to change. Until now.

Travel to Kerala itself was pretty uneventful. After brief quarantine, we got RT-PCR done for a second time in two months and received the same negative results, as we hoped. Life here continues like nothing ever happened. The only changes I have noticed is the omni-presence of masks in all public spaces.

Home is different matter altogether. Parents continue to age, but they are still strong, able and self-sufficient, which gives me some peace.

Travel back will happen eventually, but as of now it is set for some vague date in March first week.

I felt like I had a lot more to write, but it feels like I’m emotionally constipated for some reason 😀 I’ll get through it soon.

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