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It was a long weekend and in times of lockdown that means a lot of time to spare for entertainment. That said, it is very rare that I get to watch a lot of good content over three days. This time I feel I was very lucky to see everything I did.

The Serpent

This show is based on the life of Charles Shobhraj and it has been directed and edited down to a crisp, grippy piece of work. Tahar Rahim’s acting as Charles is one for the books. I knew about his life in broad strokes but the show provided me with context to a lot of the weird things around it. Would definitely recommend it.

The Great Indian Kitchen

I have always felt that Kerala is both extremely progressive politically and extremely conservative socially. This movie is that very thought presented with so much nuance, and an intensity I was not prepared for. This is an out-and-out director’s movie and the actors too do a brilliant job bringing to life the kind of people I have seen and interacted with back in Kerala. This has been in my list for over a month now and my only regret is that I did not watch it sooner. It is a must watch!


I’m a fan of Fahadh Faasil and his last movie that came out at the peak of lockdown C U Soon was really entertaining. I had really high expectations after the way this movie started, but the last 20 mins was its undoing. All the tension and mystery that was built up was let off in a way that felt very meh. I wish the movie was 15 minutes longer and much better. It’s still worth watching for the first hour though.

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