Fear and frustration

Covid is spreading so fast in Mumbai that 2020 feels like just the prelude. My twitter feed is filled with people either confirming they have covid, or talking about the death of someone close to the virus and several others seeking help to find medicines, or even a hospital bed to deal with the disease.

At no point in my life has things looked so bleak.

To think of it, three weeks back I was holidaying in the snowy slopes of Kashmir. I was so full of hope that things were slowly returning to normalcy. It really felt like it, the vaccines were being rolled out without any major negative reaction and it felt like only a matter of time before it was our turn to get vaccinated. Till then all I had to do was maintain distancing, wear mask and get tested often.

Now? I feel more hopeless and frustrated than ever before. The number of cases are not just increasing, but exploding. Hospitals are full, crematoriums are working full time and yet remain backlogged, covid test labs are struggling to work through all the tests and then there is the much required lockdown as well.

I don’t want know how this wave will die out and I don’t see how effective a lockdown will be. The only solution is rapid vaccination drives. Not based on metric like age, but based on localities where it is spreading the fastest, or is likely to spread more. Without such a change, I don’t see us getting through this any time soon.

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