Thoughts on Clubhouse

So I finally got an invite for Clubhouse and after trying Twitter Spaces for a few weeks I’m really underwhelmed.

I can see the areas where Clubhouse shines over Spaces, but the phased roll out and the invite-based approach make it unsuitable for 2021 in my opinion.

The most crucial aspect of any network is the social aspect of it and the ability to find the type of crowd you can want to listen to and talk to. That has been impossible for me to find over the last few days.

All I found are people hustling and branding their own brands or company. They there are those Clubhouse sessions to talk about sessions that have been planned for the future. What? That should have been an email, or a tweet.

The parts I really liked about Clubhouse is the ability to start closed sessions or even a scheduled one.

The only real downside of Twitter Spaces is the inability to quickly see the subject of a session without opening one.

Ultimately the winner will be decided by where the audiences are and from what I have seen in my limited exposure most of the audience is on Twitter Spaces at least from an Indian context.

The number of people on Clubhouse will increase when it opens up registrations in India, but I fear they might be too late by then.

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