Here’s to a crazy week

The last five six days were not meant to be so eventful. Please note dear reader that eventfulness is a subjective word at this point, the measure of which has changed considerably ever since this virus decided to ravage mankind in late 2019.

It all started with me finally winning the lottery. Sorry, I meant getting a vaccine slot in Mumbai. It has the same feeling to it. You instantly feel great, everyones happy for you and before you know it you’re broke. I mean broke health-wise. Come one, all analogies are weird so work with me here and don’t seek rationale.

So, covid shot . The process itself was uneventful except for me missing the registration section at the hospital and waiting on my ass for an eternity for my name to be called out. Such dumbassery aside, it was a smooth process and it was great to finally have that cold shot of Covidshield with some lime and salt.

Lime and salt did not happen, though I wish it did. No shots-shots or chakna for a week now son.

I was super charged for the day and it was at night that the fever started. It never went too high, but it stayed at mid to high 99s like a Maruti in high gear. This continued for the next two days and there was also this annoying but mild headache and a some exhaustion as well. All part and parcel of this process. No drama here. Please read on.

I finally got back to work on Tuesday and just as I stepped outside in the morning I realised something was amiss.


Our locked shoe cabinet has its door open and all my shoes barring one are missing.

// cue dramatic music

This is pissing-off under normal circumstances, but we live in a world that is anything but normal. Since mid-2019, I have lost three pairs of shoes to thieves in our building. Same has happened to our neighbours and other tenants in the building. Guards are only at the gates and CCTV is only at the entrance, with terrace entry from adjacent buildings unmonitored. Till now the thief used to flick only sports shoes and due to that I bought the cheapest shoes I could find comfortable. Under these circumstances we finally got a locked shoe cabinet a month back.

All it took was for me to step out one day wearing a sports shoe (when I went for the vaccine shot) to get the attention of the thief and within two days it was gone along with two other pairs of almost brand new shoes. Till now the total financial damage is over Rs25k.


Spoke to the building manager and apparently they have tried their best in the past to see whodunnit with little success. May be I should buy another shoe, keep a hidden camera and see what happens just for the sake of it.

Now it feels like it is not about the shoe any more. It’s just about scratching this itch. About feeling slightly secure in my own home. Just knowing the truth. That’s it. Wish me luck.

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