Completed Salesforce sharing and visibility certification

I finally completed the Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Designer certification after a lot of procrastination. This happened over 15 days back, but I never got around to writing anything about it till now apart from a post on LinkedIn.

As the name suggests, this certification touches upon your knowledge of how information sharing happens in Salesforce. Since Salesforce is a system that provides a lot of capabilities with configuration and some extendability with code, this certification covers a lot of ground. A lot of this forms the basis of Salesforce itself and is known to most people even with a few months of experience on the platform. The rest are mostly learnt the hard way when you run against the wall.

Being a cloud-based platform, there are governor limits to consider for any automation or processing and then there are best practices. Going through the material for this cert helped me better understand why these best practices exist and how some of them tie into the infamous Salesforce governor limits.

Some of the logic feels very alien to people who might have worked only in Salesforce implementations with smaller datasets. However, if you have burnt your hands on heavily populated orgs, you would be able to related to this certification a lot. You might have already run into some of the problems mentioned, and used the best practices to work through them. At least I have, especially around all the skews that exist; account, lookup and owner based.

The biggest learning for me was the programmatic side of sharing that I had limited understanding of. This should help me further as I take up the Platform Developer 1 certifiation in a month or so.

Advanced admin

Oh wait, I also cleared the Salesforce Advanced Admin certification and forgot to mention. Not much I want to say about it apart from the fact that anyone good enough to clear Platform App Builder should be able to clear this too. This goes vice versa too.

All said, this is what my certifications list on the Salesforce side of things look like.

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