Trailhead is getting better

Over the last couple of weeks Salesforce has been moving its ‘Help’ pages and ‘Groups’ to a Salesforce community template and Trailhead respectively. This is a good move from the user interface perspective, but the information is now more scattered than before; at least temporarily.

Trailhead is now the one-stop shop for most things Salesforce and it’s great to see it happening over several iterations. authentication used to drive it is also great and the same has been extended to the new Help site as well.

Ideaexchange and Release Notes among other things are still on the old Help page and I hope they move soon to Trailhead. The transition of Release Notes will be interesting as it recently transition from its own standalone site to Salesforce Help.

I can understand why Help is treated separately to an extent, since support requests will be in the context of an org or instance. This makes it easier for consultants who might be working with multiple customers at the same time.

Apart from these, there is also Salesforce Events, Developer Documentation, that look like a natural fit for Trailhead. I guess they would also be migrated over time.

While all this transition is happening I hope all the old links continue to redirect to the newer links, especially those related to support queries that are sometimes resolved by other customers.

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