Officially Middle-aged

Growing older sucks.

When does it set in? Is it when one turns 30, 35 or is it 40? I used to figure out which number would fit the definition for the longest time, but now I believe the answer is scientific and not a subjective than I thought it would be.

I think middle age should be defined by the onset of illnesses and medical issues one would never have in their 20s. Plain and simple. For some it is varying blood sugar or pressure levels, for me it is muscle injury and joint issues. What a pain it is to grow old; I mean it literally and figuratively.

I have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder, which means I can’t lift my hand above my shoulder or use my dominant right hand the way I’m used to. No more lifting heavy items or swinging it around like a mad man.

Growing older sucks. Physiotherapist is my new god.

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