Salesforce: Interesting Developments In March

While Salesforce products are ever-evolving, there are changes and upgrades at the platform level that are often missed by most of us. Here are a few of those improvements that you must pay attention to.

Performance Testing Enabled

Testing the capabilities of a multi-tenant application like Salesforce has always been tricky. While test classes can cover the code level checks the scalability checks have always been a black box.

Salesforce has enabled a way to run performance testing from within a sandbox environment to test how the system performs against a defined target.

The company has tried to highlight that it still does not support load, volume or stress testing due to the impact it will have on other org on the pod.

You can read more about it here.

Closer Integration With AWS

Salesforce has been working closely with AWS to launch Hyperforce in markets that legally mandated data residency. As a side effect, we now have a continuous stream of improvements in the way Salesforce platform can work with AWS infrastructure.

The ones I liked the most is the integration of AWS Event Relays to Salesforce so that it can easily subscribe to Platform Events. This would be closely followed by support for AWS Private Connect. Since all of these are new, I would not put them to use immediately based on my past experience. There are a lot more in pilot now and you can view them on the Salesforce roadmap.

Juicy Bits From IdeaExchange

  1. Filtered related lists are coming in the Summer 22 release and will be available as a new component Dynamic Related List Single.
  2. Custom address fields will be in GA in Winter 23.
  3. The era of creating formula fields to display data from parent objects might be coming to an end in Winter 23 with spanning fields.
  4. The moving target for DevOps Centre will be next release now?

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