I Still Don’t Know How To Dispose Off A Metal Credit Card

metal credit card

Credit cards made of metal have been around for a few years globally, but it has been been available mostly with high charges or for premium customers alone. OneCard launched in India last year and was offering a metal credit card to anyone with a decent credit score. So I signed up and got one after a month or so.

All good there, but now they have changed banking partners to Federal Bank from IDFC, and have sent a replacement credit card. Now the old one is dud and there are no clear instructions on how I should dispose off it.

As any normal person would do, I asked on Twitter for suggestions and here’s what I got

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Deliberately unhelpful and intentionally funny; just as Twitter should be. 🙂

Most advice I saw online includes sending the card back to the issuer to smelting it down; all very unpractical.

So I’ve decided to keep it around as a memento after I damage the chip enough. I guess I’ll be using a lot of sharp instruments on the chip for now and hope the damage is done.

If you can think of a better option or have any recommendations, please do let me know.

On an unrelated note, RBI is making some changes and I wonder what impact it will have on neo-banks that issue credit cards. Please don’t tell I will have two non-working metal cards soon!

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  1. gurupanguji Avatar

    Why dispose? Metal no, reuse ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. balu Avatar

      That’s the thought now 🙂

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