Yet another Salesforce rebranding


Companies re-branding their product is not unheard of, but Salesforce takes it to a different level with their Analytics product.

What started off as Wave Analytics, then became Analytics Cloud, before getting an Einstein moniker and then shifting under the shadow of Tableau. Now in a turn of events that surprises no one, yet frustrates everyone, the product is now being re-named to CRM Analytics.

The company has made the addition of more industry specific dashboards as part of this change, but IMO these additions could have been managed with release notes and a marketing push without this whole re-branding.

The reason I hate these frequent changes is because it makes it very difficult to search for issues related to the product, especially since the error might have been reported by someone while it was still called Einstein Analytics. What makes it worse is that some of the work arounds suggested back then still work.

The other annoyance is in customer education from a pre-sales and even from a post-sale point of view. Customers who search for product details with the new name do not find enough information outside of Salesforce website.

The only positive side is that it is better that Tableau CRM. I believe the company should’ve stuck to Analytics Cloud.

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