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DevOps centre was initially marked GA for Spring 22, but instead it was a limited release that we received. It is now marked GA for Summer 22, which means it’s time to take a re-look if you don’t have any paid DevOps solution already deployed.

Official chatter groups for Salesforce is a very interesting place to be as it provides an idea of where a certain product is headed, and also because product managers and leaders from Salesforce frequently step in to provide clarity on the direction the product is headed in under safe harbour guidance. Salesforce DevOps Centre is one of those groups where I find new information that I have not found elsewhere. Here are a few of those comments that I think you should read too

How DevOps Centre will work along with Salesforce CLI

The comment below was posted in response to a query on DX would work along with DevOps Centre.

Key takeaways

  1. Support for other source tracking services is in the works.
  2. DX and DevOps centre will be able to co-exist in the future.
  3. Integration with Jira is part of long-term roadmap.

– Pilot (last year): An end-to-end declarative experience for change and release management, leveraging work items, source tracking, Github integration, and click-based deployments through a configurable deployment pipeline.  No support for “hybrid” teams yet. 

– Closed Beta (now): Phase 1 of our “hybrid” team support.  Users can work directly in GitHub with mergeability rules and direct merges, and DevOps Center will recognize and reflect those actions. 

[SAFE HARBOR disclaimer for items below] 

– Open Beta (summer): Phase 2 of our “hybrid team support”. Users can commit changes and create pull requests directly to GitHub and DevOps Center will recognize and reflect those actions. 

– GA (fall): Phase 3 of our “hybrid team support” including a new (likely Beta) CLI plugin.  Users can deploy changes from outside DevOps Center (from CLI or via CLI commands in a CI/CD system), and DevOps Center will reflect those actions.  

This gets us to a state where “hybrid” teams can work collaboratively on projects, leveraging change tracking and management, source control, deployment pipelines, and CI/CD if you have it set up through an existing system.    

Future plans beyond GA do include support for packaging-based flows, built-in CI/CD, additional source control provider support, work tracking tool (ie JIRA, Agile Accelerator) integration, testing tool integration, and a bunch more!  


What’s the cost?

I did not hear any one state this explicitly till I read this comment. Apparently the first release would be the free version, with a paid version sooner or later. Not clear what would be part of the paid features, but I would speculate that this could be related to integration with other services.

We are planning the GA in late summer/early fall.  I don’t have a precise date to share at this time, but this is our current target.  We don’t yet have the details on the free vs. paid version.  At GA time we will only be offering the free/included version.  As soon as we have more information on the pricing/packaging of the paid offering we will share that.   Within the year following GA we intend to support other VCS providers including Bitbucket, Gitlab, and Azure git.  Bitbucket is expected to be the first, and we haven’t yet confirmed if Gitlab or Azure will come next. 


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