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This Is Just Crazy Texas!

The latest court case around first amendment in Texas is changing everything we know about Internet and governance.

While countries like India mandate social media sites to moderate content, the latest ruling enforces a law which expects larger social media sites to NOT moderate any content.

I have no idea how this will lead to any good. While there are a lot of groups that feel their voices are suppressed online, an unmoderated digital space is just bad news.

I’m really struggling to grasp how a social network has been tagged a common carrier and how that has influenced the decision.

Again, this is crazy for me to understand and I don’t know how advertisers would feel about their messaging displayed against completely unmoderated content.

Would social media sites do the crazy thing and stop functioning in the state, or would they actually follow the rule? Either way this ruling will have an impact in other places of the world as well.

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