Don’t Worry About Frozen Shoulder, It Gets Better

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but here it goes. If you are ever diagnosed with frozen shoulder, do not stress. Just go ahead with the treatment, take your pills and you will be okay in a few months time.

If you’re hearing about frozen shoulder for the first time, it basically comes down to your inability to move your hand beyond a certain range. For me, it was in my right hand and I could not move it beyond 30 degrees sideways and beyond 90 degrees forward. It was awful.

Three months and a lot of physiotherapy later, I have now regained significant range of my arm. However, it looks like it’ll be a few more months before a complete recovery.

Talking about physiotheraphy, I have to say it is nothing like I imagined it to be. I would say it is a hybrid of a gym and meditation centre.

While the exercises and equipment would be the gym side of things, the meditation centre is covered by the number of times the physio will ask you to “relax”. The eerie quiteness in a physio centre adds to the meditation centre vibes. I can count the number I did not fall asleep in middle of treatment there. And that’s a good thing. 🙂

The other thing about physiotherapy is that it is a unique place where the trainer is doing more of the weight lifting than you are. This also means physiotherapists end up with a lot of muscle and joint related issues thier patients have.

So if you are ever in this situation, don’t stress and be kind to the people who are trying to help you. It’s a long recovery process it’s definitely one of those “journey is more important than the destination” scenarios of life.

Here’s some kind advice from Twitterverse when I first complained about it there.

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