How Do I Make Them Care?

code projected over woman

There are a lot of things I take for granted from a technology point of view, which I see people from non-tech sectors struggling with. I’m listing out a few here in the hope that someone out there has a solution.

Trust on the Internet

The generation that grew up with the Internet has learnt the hard way that most things online is just BS. Now try explaining that to someone who got online for the first time in the last decade and a half. Extra points if you can train someone older than you.

Two-factor authentication

I’m not referring to SMS based authentication here, but one that uses an authenticator app or a USB key. How do I convince someone to use one is beyond my understanding.

Difference between wireless technologies

Most people are confused by wireless data, WiFi and NFC. Just two days back someone at the restaurant asked if he could use WiFi on my credit card to make the payment. He meant tap-to-pay. I could have tried to explain the difference, but it was a cowded restaurant and knowing this difference would not have made any difference since everyone seemed to understand what he meant by it.

Relaxed view on privacy

I have nearly given up on highlighting the privacy issues around, whether it be Aadhaar or an seeking too many permissions. Most folks have the “I have nothing to hide” mindset, but seems to miss the fact that their honest lives could still be abused.

AI magic wand

Not all problems can be waived away with technology. While AI can help automate redundant tasks easily, a lot of the problems faced by companies are in the abscence of a proper process or way too much of it.

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