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Some thoughts on spam

Everything free will be abused.

I saw someone playing up Twitter APIs today after what feels like a somber decade and all I could think of was spam.

  1. Every piece of automation with a free tier that can be used to simplify steps will be used for spamming.
  2. The more eye balls your platform offers, the bigger a magnet it will be for spammers.
  3. The lower the verification thresholds on your platform, the more spam it will have to deal with.
  4. Every free computing resource will be abused for spamming.
  5. If a free tier exists with API, it will be used for spamming.
  6. We are all emotional fools and spammers know it.
  7. Someone’s marketing communication is another person’s spam.
  8. Someone’s get-rich-quick scheme is another person’s spam.
  9. A coordinated team with a propaganda will churn out individual messages that will have the same effect as spam.
  10. Political tweets from non-politicians are indecipherable from spam.

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