My writing is not the same anymore

I used to write longer sentences and try to squeeze in more humour into my writing. Somehow I’m not able to do this anymore.

As a journalist I used to write two to four articles a day with an average word count of 300-400 words per article. Along with this, I used to write long form articles for the weekend publication which meant that my thinking and writing skills were quite creative (At least I like to believe so). In my current job, my writing in mostly objective documentation of a process and a probable solution for implementing it on Salesforce. This is followed by user stories for the same and as a result, my writing has become very dry, albeit concise.

The type of reading I do has also affected by writing. While I used to read more fiction till a decade back, I hardly read fiction now. Most of my reading is related to my work, or blogs, or news or just stuff on Reddit. I have tried to get back to reading at various stages I’m just not able to; it almost feels like my mind is not into it any more.

As I grew older I think I have started taking myself more seriously. While I wrote freely and even frivolously in my 20s I rarely do that now. In part it was to make this space and my writing more professionally aligned, but in a sense it has sucked any sense of personality here.

While I have identified a problem, I don’t have a solution in mind. At least not one that I know will work. Any suggestions?

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