A theme update finally

WordPress logo chalked on the ground

I went with Twenty Twenty Three theme from WordPress, as it supports all the recent developments of the block system. I didn’t want to rely on custom themes that might cause issues in the future. In the past, I’ve used custom themes that had their own plugins or templates, and when I switched to a new theme, my site or some pages would break. I actively wanted to avoid that this time.

The process of transitioning to the new theme was relatively straightforward once I figured out when to use a page theme versus modifying a page manually. However, this wasn’t entirely intuitive, in my opinion. Some blocks work differently on a page compared to a template, such as the ‘Query’ block, which allows you to specify the maximum number of posts to display on a page, but this option doesn’t exist on a theme page. Hopefully, these rough edges will be resolved in the future.

Customizing fonts, colors, etc. was simple and easy to execute. However, I still need to tinker with it a bit more as I’m not 100% satisfied with the look just yet.

I am also in the process of revisiting older posts where I’ve used custom colours that don’t match the new colour scheme or styling. I’m gradually updating them to use the theme defaults so that I won’t have to repeat the process in the future.

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