My Experience With Nuphy75 Air V2

The only mechanical keyboard I ever owned was a cheap keyboard I got on Amazon, and the only I reason I bought it was due to its Cherry Blue keys. When the keyboard started having issues I did not bother fixing the switches because I was a bit tired of the keys and I realised I wanted something that required less effort to type on.

What got me interested again were the low profile keyboards as they felt more aligned to how I like to type. Nuphy really stood out for me, but I was on the fence till Nuphy V2 came out. The initial videos were all favourable, so I went ahead and booked a Nuphy75 Air V2 with brown switches. There are a lot of videos on YouTube comparing the sound profile of the different keys and this really helped with the decision making.

It took a whole month for the order to be delivered after I placed the order, as the company was still working through their pre-orders. Out of the box, the keyboard was pretty easy to setup. It supports multiple devices and I have connected the 2.5Ghz dongle it came with to my gaming PC and the connect to my work laptop using Bluetooth. It can be paired with up to four devices in these wireless combinations. It also has a separate wired mode if that’s your preference. For this they have provided a USB A to USB C cable.

It also comes with a keycap and switch puller, along with some stickers (so 2010) and manual. The company also packed in one each of their other low-profile switches, which is a smart move in case anyone wants to try and buy them in the future.

Nuphy supports both Mac and Windows layout with an option to toggle between the two. They also have a few variants of the keys in the box, but I haven’t changed any as yet. That said, they have not provided a dedicated windows key, which is a mild annoyance.

The keyboard has a lot of RGB effects and I went for a more muted effect, which lights up only the are around the keys I press like a hotspot. The keyboard itself is great to type on and sounds amazing. It’s important to talk about battery life when talking about these blingy effects and it has been good till now. I think I might have charged it once in 10 days till now.

The only real issue I have with the device is the 2.5Ghz mode only works when there is line of sight or it misses a lot of keys. Bluetooth mode is more reliable and don’t suffer from these issues. So I’m thinking of ditching the 2.5Ghz mode (which has a high polling) and just using Bluetooth for connectivity.

I’m gradually getting used to 75% layout and I often hit the PageUp key instead of the Backspace. I also miss the numpads, but I know I don’t use it enough. I’ll get used to this eventually. Happy tippytapping till then.

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