Real GenAI Learning From Salesforce World Tour

This Salesforce World Tour was an eye opening experience for me. Salesforce made a bold debut of their Gen AI tooling in the form of Einstein1, but for me the product is nothing without the context in which it has come to be.

Where we stand

In Australia our per capita GDP barely grew in the last year, which extends the per capita recession in the country. This in turn has had a knock on effect in most businesses. With ghost of recession still haunting board rooms, departments across the board have been told to tighten their belts and cut down any spending that’s not backed by an immediate ROI.

At the same time, hiring is tepid while the work load keeps going up with an increasingly demanding customer base across industries. There was a time when we could throw “process automation” and “digitisation” as the solutions to one and all, but we are on the crest of that wave in a mature market like Australia.

The case for GenAI

If a business needs to ride this wave and plan for the future, it really needs to invest in solutions that can help its teams manage this workload with some sanity. We need to help our supporting and sales functions to cut through the noise and point out the key metrics, the details that should not be missed, deal with the overwhelming sense we get when dealing with mountains of information.

This is the true value of Gen AI. It doesn’t just write a perfect response to a customer’s query, it also takes away the cognitive load of figuring out the right wording from a person. The person can now focus on what we do best as people — finding faults and tweaking the text and then sending it out. The support agent can now focus on actual issues instead of being overwhelmed by the emotional outbursts one has to deal with on a daily basis.

So why not just automate it away with a templated email? There is nothing that worse than an image heavy, templated mail to a customer who is full of anguish and looking for a quick solution. It is also the fastest way to drive off a future sales prospect.

Why we need it now!

I keep coming to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and with Gen AI I think we are finally creeping into the realm of self actualisation. About empowering our teams to get through the frustration of work, instead of the actual work itself.

At Cognizant, we have made multiple solutions that can help your company bootstrap and get on the Gen AI journey. We have tools to augment your existing support sales and support processes built out on Salesforce.

These solutions blends in process automation functionalities that core to the Salesforce platform, with the best ML tools available, and then extends it with GenAI capabilities.

The products and proof of concepts created till now support both the out of the box models available with Einstein1 and the ability to leverage your own model. We have also been able to ground the AI to your orgs data while denying access to any PII data to these models.

All I can say is that we live in interesting times and that the companies that are willing to make this bold step will definitely be able to see qualitative gains in the work done and in employee satisfaction.

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