Pin is mightier than sword

The saying used to be Pen is mightier than sword, but for a woman, a pin is mightier than a sword? Wondering why? I will tell you a story.. An incident involving a guy, and a girl in a night bus with of course a pin playing the lead role!

The situation is as follows… Girl decides to travel to Kerala from Bangalore and ends up getting her seat next to a guy, who looked ‘decent’.. so she decided not to switch seats next to an another lady like she does usually would. So she sat there waiting for the bus to leave. The crowd who came to see her off had left so she had no one to talk to and that seemed to be the case with the guy as well.. so they set off talking on the surface, not disclosing any information about their lives in Kerala…. Bus started leaving and soon they fell asleep..

The girl was deep asleep, dreaming of makeup, clothes, perfumes, hot guys, the usual girly stuff, when she feels it. A hand; it was gently caressing her; the grip became tighter by the second. Was she just dreaming or was it for real? Her sub-conscious mind couldn’t figure out.. She opens her eyes gently just to come to senses and lo the hand was still there… What should she do now?

1> Create a ruckus and wake up fellow passengers and complain?
2> Get up silently walk to the conductor and tell him what happened?
3> Speak to the guy directly tell him not to do what he is doing?
4> None of the above… (Something else of course)

If you selected 1, the fellow passengers will crib of waking them up from sleep. The fellow next to you will deny all accusations and he will get away with it, as he looks ‘decent’. So bad idea!

If you selected 2, the conductor if awake, may or may not take her seriously. He might even give her that look, which penetrate one’s clothes. Okay, in case he bothers to come and ask the guy, there will be noise, fellow passengers will wake up and even comments like, “because she dressed so,” will come up (even though she was wearing a ‘proper’ top with jeans). Bad idea again.

Option 3, he will deny doing any such thing, and blame you for imagining things and might repeat it again when she go to sleep. Boo again

So what is a lone girl supposed to do? Well here is a part I missed out.. The girl in question had long hair and she uses a hair pin to tie it up in a neat bun…. That’s her weapon in distress, she takes it out, pokes (jabs) the guy (hard) and then goes back to sleep.. If he decides to scream people will shout at him, after all why would a girl poke anyone with a hair pin? 😛

Moral: If you are a guy — Stay away from girls when in a journey. They are armed (dangerous) and have license to kill.. Like Bond!
If you a girl — Pin is mightier than sword!

PS: I wasn’t the guy in the story, in case you thought so. And the girl in question is not my girl friend either just one of my close friends!

29 responses to “Pin is mightier than sword”

  1. dinsan Avatar

    First of all, Good Title 🙂 Someone I know, also did the same thing, here in Kerala, in a bus… the best idea was to attack the guy with a pin.. and it works very well 🙂

  2. | Balu | Avatar

    LOL.. I hope it’s not the same person!

  3. Ruhi Avatar

    I can’t understand one thing- Why couldn’t she create a ruckus? The public would have also beaten up the guy 😛

    But the pin idea was also very good. I would have preferred slapping him hard though.

  4. | Balu | Avatar

    @ Ruhi
    Create a rucks on a bus going towards Kerala.. no way.. bad idea bad idea.. The people are very indifferent they will not beat the guy, instead will blame the girl.. ek hath se thali nahi bajta kinda talk…

    Slapping would have been too violent
    Pin is more subtle and effective.. the guy doesn’t have any proof then.. a slap can turn one’s skin red!

  5. Ruhi Avatar

    weird…makes me realize that people in diff parts of the country react to the same situation in a weird manner. if this would have happened in calcutta, then the entire crowd would have helped me beat up the guy.

  6. | Balu | Avatar

    Ya they would have in Bengal or Bihar and next day you will find the ideo of being telecast on some 24*7 news channel! Then the same channel will run a poll on whether Indians have turned into animals.. kinda crap..

  7. Ruhi Avatar

    so you think the people blaming the girl if she decides to slap the guy is actually ok?

    //ek hath se thali nahi bajta kinda talk…

    Really? How many times I’ve been harassed. Does this mean that I did something too? You are a guy too and you know that every girl who gets harassed doesn’t do anything to provoke a guy sitting next to her in a bus.

    //Then the same channel will run a poll on whether Indians have turned into animals.. kinda crap..

    Balu, I think that was an extreme statement to make. If the news channels decide to forecast the number of times a guy who was beaten up by the public because he harrassed a girl, then the news channels wont have time to forecast anything else.

  8. | Balu | Avatar

    ruhi, u got me wrong there. those were not MY statements.. Those are things PEOPLE say, not me, given the option. I am not against a mob bashing up a guy for doing something like that and channels running poll is just an observation I made from many past incidents….
    //ek hath se thali nahi bajta kinda talk… I heard people say that in a lot of situations never said it myself and never will either!

    Hope that clears the smoke 😀

  9. Ruhi Avatar

    All righty! 😀 For a moment, I thought that you think the same way too. Sorry…I’m quite a feminist. 😛

  10. | Balu | Avatar

    I figured that! 😛

  11. dinsan Avatar

    @ Ruhi and Balu

    Would like to know what a Keralite have to share ?

    hmm Balue is right.. not 100% though. In Kerala, such beaten ups” won’t happen so easily.. but its not a complete NO NO… may be concerned about knowing what actually happened, before simply starting to attack that guy..

    Or rather people wont respond when they are supposed to ? one or two months back, people caught a women who allegedly took something from a shop… and they beat her really bad middle of the road… this week itself, we had an incident where people along with policemen, made guy undress on the street ( he had to stay fully naked before the crowd for about 3 minutes ) …. coz they blamed that he stole a mobile phone, and u know what, after sometime they found the mobile phone somewhere on the street…


  12. | Balu | Avatar

    @ Dinsan..
    Hmmm thats new! I dint know things like this happened!

  13. dinsan Avatar

    @ Balu……

    Yes, things like this also happen here !! 🙁

    BTW, forgot to say Congrats to that girl… Good Job 😉

  14. | Balu | Avatar

    LOL ya will convey that message for sure!

  15. silverine Avatar

    I absolutely endorse the title and vouch for it…so will millions of Blr gals.

    Ah the good ol days of traveling by BMTC with the pin. Lovely memories.

  16. | Balu | Avatar

    good ol’ days? so watz ur new weapon for mass destruction? 😀

  17. silverine Avatar

    This was personalized destruction 😀

    Now corporate laws do not allow guys to give us a chance to use the weapon of choice i.e the pin…in the cab! We were kinda getting used to it you know? Like serial killers,though that would be a bad analogy :p

  18. | Balu | Avatar


    Ah those corporate laws and how they restrict creativity!

  19. Vijay Avatar

    @The guy deserved it !!! Any idea where he was poked 🙂
    The idiot !!!

  20. | Balu | Avatar

    I his tummy! Not poked — jabbed! 😛

  21. Vijay Avatar

    lol.. I wonder if the guy even made eye contact with her when they got off the bus…

  22. | Balu | Avatar

    @ Vijay
    hmm thats an interesting point… need to confirm that one

  23. Sundar Rajan G S Avatar
  24. Pheji Avatar

    i adore the pin u c 😉

  25. pranati Avatar

    Girls one more weapon is there. Once I applied it and it was a huge success in my friends circle. Wear little high heel, may be shoe kind. Once I stamped one guy properly, hope he remembers that till now.

  26. | Balu | Avatar


    DEVIL 😀

  27. neela Avatar

    Mighty useful post.
    Congrats to the pin waali raani !!

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