Its over.. finally!

A Pakistani bowler playing for a team captain by an Australian pulls an Indian bowler from a team captained by the Indian T20 captain and DLF IPL league has its winners — finally.

What a ride it has been! This whole tournament it captured our imagination (so much that I stopped blogging.. hmm okay it wasn’t just because of IPL!)

Now getting back to my ‘actual’ blog

My bet (an actual bet for Rs 300) was on the Rajasthan Royals, underdogs for most part of the tournament except the finals may be. No particular reason but a ‘logic’ which all my friends refuse to call logic. It goes as follows. No one expected India to win the T20 world cup because we were a team of nobody. No big players, no expectations, for respect for the format, nothing! Next thing you know Indians are T20 champions. I found a similarity here. Rajasthan a team with hardly any ‘popular’ players save the charismatic Shane, the most underestimated team of he tournament. Laughing stock of all bloggers and most offline friends of mine and well they return to haunt other teams and laugh at all those who laughed at them. Warne must be enjoying it for sure!

On a lighter note, Bangalore was the only team that lived up to its expectations. They were criticized to be a test team and stuck to the name through out!

Deccan who seemed to be the strongest turned out to be the worst. Mumbai too had a similar story to say but they have the absence of Bhajji and Sachin during various stages to blame their defeat. Kolkatta started with a bang and finished with a kaboom (self-destruct one). Mohali hmm they tried and tried but never looked good enough. They were in news more because of a cry-baby Sreesanth and ‘huggable’ Preity. Chennai would been the champions if not for the Aussie exodus and yes Rajasthan who were expected to lose all matches won almost all. Not fair I say.

Everyones happy not even Dhoni looked sad. The only person crying at the end of the day (apart from Sreesanth that is) is Kapil Dev. Remember him? The guy who led India to their first world cup victory in ’83? The guy who played PR for ICL–what did you say? What’s ICL? Hmm let me think.. Indian Crisis League? Am not sure I don’t remember actually!

PS: In case you didn’t notice Bangalore did have a presence at the finals. The match referee was none other than Javagal Srinath. Saving the face of Bengaluru I guess!

PPS: I heard Mallya is watching only F1 these days to get over the highs lows of IPL. He is also thinking of changing his team’s name to something that doesn’t resemble any of his other brands. At least their brand value won’t be affected!

PPPS: Apparently players are requesting Shah Rukh to send one of these sweet messages he used to send to his team through out the tournament, on a daily basis. Apparently they feel they (the messages) will motivate them to win next year.

PPPPS: The previous two were cooked up by me. If you wanna sue me I will declare bankruptcy. The joke will be on you then! =P

PPPPPS: Yes I copied this funda of PS, PPS, PPPS, PPPPS, PPPPPS from a letter Gandalf writes in Lord of the Rings! Tolkien’s not alive so he can’t sue me! =D

PPPPPPS: Now that reminds me. Remember the Rs 300 I mentioned at the beginning of the post. What do you reckon I do with it? Suggestions pls! 😛

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24 responses to “Its over.. finally!”

  1. ish Avatar

    PPPPPPPPS: It was not only Javagal Srinath who made an appearance from Bangalore. One of the players from their team won the “Best Under-19 player” thing.

    Today’s match was pretty cool. I thought Shane Warne has done a brilliant job and I’ve got to give it to MS Dhoni as well. The only person who’s gonna be sad is Irrfan Pathan because he’s gonna be chucked out and his brother, Yusuf Pathan is gonna be selected.

    I really liked the DY-Patil stadium btw. It’s a nice stadium, and I hope they maintain it and it stays that way.

  2. | Balu | Avatar

    I thought he is from Rajasthan! 😛
    Ya the match was owesome my finger are bleeding cos of the nail biting 😉

    Irfan chucked out? I doubt!

    Ya the stadiums looks damn good! Better than Mohali even!

  3. Vijay Avatar

    xylene: Keep the 300 bucks just in case you get sued 😉

  4. Nita Avatar

    RR deserved to win and the credit has to go to Warne. Not knowing too much about cricket I could make no predictions but now after the IPL I know more about cricket than ever before. I feel sorry for Kapil Dev though. ICL got no support and they were even intimidated. Not a nice feeling. And I wonder if IPL would have existed if it wasn’t for ICL. Not that I see ICL. I had not known that it had started until the IPL began. Just shows my ignorance of cricket!

  5. Xylene Avatar

    Oh its over? 🙁 now they can send the cheerleaders back home.
    No racism this time, they would have to go back, unless they get a contract for a bollywood movie for an item(s) song.

    Haha, Mr Mallya has switched to racing, atleast he could get some charming ladies to pose along with him there.

    Anyways three cheers to RR.
    PSSSSSSSSSPPPSSSSPPPS : there are plans for TWO IPL’s every year.

  6. dinsan Avatar

    Cant understand why u guys are so crazy about cricket 😛

  7. | Balu | Avatar

    @ Vijay
    You meant balu? If yes nay will need that for the lawyer I guess =(

    Sure it was Warne all the way. and ya you are right if not for ICl there wouldn’t have an ICL.. Zee TV really lost out there dint they!

    No not the cheerleaders poor souls.. what did they 😉

    ehmm cos we suck at football and now we do in hockey as well, paes and bhupathi are always fighting in tennis and Vishwanathan Anand’s game doen’t make interesting an watch or even blog. Did I miss any game?

  8. | Balu | Avatar

    Oh yes thers kabaddi we always win in that one so the charm is lost :-p

  9. Nikhil Avatar

    300 bucks, huh?? Invest it in some really tasty chicken biryani and some really cold beer! 😀
    But I’m glad the IPL is finally over!!

  10. | Balu | Avatar

    Beer nah! I prefer wine which unfortunately don’t come for 300 🙁

  11. Bhavna Avatar

    YAy!IPL is finally over..I know what i have gone trough these 45 good movie releases..Sacrificing freash Roadies 5.0 on saturdays just because family wanted IPL..(Had to watch the repeated version)…Everybody blogging,talking,sleeping,Fighting IPL..Thank-god.Finally, its over..But ,Some of the matches(which i watched) was good tho.The final one was really nail-biting..1 ball 1 run is always good!!..I was counting on Dhoni’s team..Nevertheless he has done extremely well..It was Bala(ji) who screwed it up i guess..

  12. Bhavna Avatar

    You can buy a RR t-shirt for Rs300..Is it available for that much??
    It will be a tribute to the First IPL a remembrance of your bet,your defeat!;)

  13. | Balu | Avatar

    Hey what defeat? I won the bet! RR t-shirt I dont ike it one bit wouldn’t ind Kolkata one it looks cool!

    I won’t blame Balaji entirely.. there were lot of mis fields as well.. plus their batting was also not that great!

  14. Bhavna Avatar

    Oh sorry!wrong usage of words…
    Kolkota t-shirt rox!..May be,But i still say Dhoni is the best!

  15. Amit Avatar

    Buy some Mutual Funds. Maybe one day the 300 bucks will end up being 3000000000000000000. 😛
    And I always knew RR will win. I was just supporting KKR for SRK. 😀
    The final match was nailbiting, the best in recent times but I can’t take IPL twice a year. I’ll die of exhaustion.

  16. | Balu | Avatar
    | Balu |

    @bhavna ya.. Dhoni rocks. . .@amit . . Hmmm thats a good idea 🙂

  17. swat Avatar

    hey! your blog is featured in today’s bangalore mirror. Congrats 🙂

  18. dinsan Avatar

    @ Balu

    No you dint .. i think.. but still I dont like watching Cricket on tv

  19. Rekha Avatar

    Finally the whole thing is over 😛
    I get to see movies in its place now 😀 ..
    for me it is the most uninteresting game in dis world!!
    see im dfrnt frm everyone here 🙂

  20. | Balu | Avatar

    @ Rekha
    Are you simply trying to be indifferent? 😉

  21. Rekha Avatar

    🙁 Indifferent

    atleast there is one guy who hate cricket 🙂

  22. | Balu | Avatar

    Hey he is not the only one theres Xylene also and many other friends of mine too 😛

  23. Rekha Avatar

    ok den nice to know there r many sensible guys 😛

  24. Reema Avatar

    Yup RR were the underdogs ..and somehow I knew they would win..Wish i’d done some betting too 🙁

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